Chapman Woods Electrical Service Reliability Survey Results

Thanks to everyone that participated in the recent electrical survey.  The Chapman Woods Board will use these results to better serve the interests of the community.  As of this post, we’ve had 67 responses through the mail in form attached to the last The Call newsletter as well as web surveys.  Summarized results are posted below along with a plot of electrical reliability in a map.  The Chapman Woods Board has already spoken to a representative at Southern California Edison.  They were very impressed with the valuable data we were able to provide, which will help with their internal investigation of electrical reliability at Chapman Woods.  We will continue to update you all as we work to resolve the issue for those of you affected by unreliable electricity service.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to send Steve an email at

Summarized Results

(Click on the chart to open a larger version of the image)

Reliability Plot

(Average number of electrical outages a year)

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