Peafowl Survey

Dear Friend and Neighbor,
Did you awaken at 4 am this week, as I did, at the shrill screaming of peacocks??  Well…. A number of years ago, few if any peacocks lived in Chapman Woods.

Today, an army of peacocks lives here.  Some residents are experiencing the harm that these otherwise beautiful birds can cause: interrupting traffic flow; destroying landscaping; eating into asphalt roofs; dropping feces on trashcan handles, walkways, and children and pet play areas; attacking shiny dark cars when they see their reflection; and shrill screaming that disturbs the sleep and peace of mind. They are rapidly reproducing.  These conditions have prompted calls to reduce the number of peacocks, including their humane removal to farms and ranches.  (Palos Verdes did that successfully.) Our Supervisor, Kathryn Barger, requests that you complete the below survey to aid her in determining what, if anything, should be done.

Your Board is trying to spread the word that concerned residents should fill out this short survey of four questions, that is anonymous, to express your view.  Simply click on:
This must be done by May 1, if you want to influence the decision-making.
Let’s restore peace and tranquility to the Woods.
Thank you most sincerely,

Kathleen Tuttle

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  1. I live in the 3600 block of Grayburn Road. There is a peacock that sleeps in the large pine tree behind our neighbor’s house. It starts screaming at 4 am and continues throughout most of the morning. It resumes it’s screaming at 4 pm and continues sometimes through the night. We cannot leave our windows open at night. This has been going on for 9 months or more.
    When is the Board going to do something about these birds? My hose won’t reach the tree. I was told by the Temple City Sheriff Department that I would be arrested if I shot it with a BB gun. Why do we have to continue to be terrorized by these stupid animals? I have a guest room if Terry or Kathleen or Kathryn Barger would like to stay for a few nights, sans sleep!

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