Photo by Esteban Benites

If you have questions about filming in your neighborhood or need guidance, you can email OR you can find emails for the Board Members in charge of filming here.

Chapman Woods has a long history of on-location filming. It is a great source of income for homeowners and the Chapman Woods Association.

If your home is chosen for filming, please remember two things:

  1. The Chapman Woods Association asks production companies for a donation of $400 per film day and $200 per prep and strike day. Film L.A. will advise them of that, but please check with the production company to confirm the Association was paid.
  2. Please be considerate of your neighbors by making sure they are aware of the dates of your filming. Film L.A. is. responsible for surveying surrounding neighbors to get permission to film and obtain a permit. Once a permit has been obtained, Film L.A. will distribute a blue slip with filming details to neighbors with a contact number at the production company to use if they have an issue. It is always nice to be available to neighbors in the event they have an issue that they are unable to resolve.

Filming guidelines

Any production company filming outside of a certified stage or studio for commercial use must have a film permit issued by FilmL.A., the entity under contract to the County of Los Angeles to handle filming.

For more information about filming in LA you can read about it from FilmLA at Film L.A. is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (213) 977-8600.

What does Film L.A. look at before coordinating and releasing a permit?

• The amount of filming in the last 12 months at the proposed address
• The amount of time the production company wishes to film & the proposed hours for filming
• The size of cast and crew and amount of equipment
• Any history of filming problems associated with the property

Hours of filming

The “normal” hours for filming in the County of Los Angeles are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. If a production company wishes to film outside of those hours, FilmL.A. will ask the production company to survey the residents within 300′ of the filming location and 200′ of any equipment parking. FilmL.A. wants to know what are the concerns of the nearby residents and how, if possible, the production company can address those concerns so as to mitigate impact as best as possible.


Approximately two to three days prior to filming or any substantial prep work, FilmL.A. will distribute to the area a blue colored “Notice of Filming”. This notice will have on the reverse side all the information about the production company, their proposed activity, and their contact information. The Chapman Woods Association will also be notified by the production company about the proposed filming. The Association has no authority to approve or disapprove permits.


The Chapman Woods Association asks production companies for a donation of $400 per film day and $200 per prep and strike day. Please reach out to if you have any questions